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Fire Escape Chutes (Sweden)

We are ALL – INDIA  Distributors for the Escape Chute  manufactured by MOBILTEX Escape Systems from Sweden. The Fire Escape Chute is an emergency evacuation system which provides a fast and safe method for evacuating multi- storey  building in case of an emergency arising from fire, earthquake  or terrorist attacks.

In the case of towering sky-scrapers this system is often the only difference between life & death.

The Escape Chute is a means of emergency exit that permits rapid, mass evacuation from high rise structures during life threatening emergencies. It is designed to provide a relatively safe and quick method of vertical escape and it is always accessible and ready for use.

Some of the important characteristics features of the Escape Chute are :

  • No power source is required;
  • Protects evacuees from fire effects;
  • Always available for immediate use, quick and easy to deploy;
  • Can transport a continuous flow of evacuees;
  • Requires little or no instruction for use;
  • Requires little physical exertion in using the device to descend;
  • Users have the ability to control the speed of one’s own descent;
  • Allows external means to control the speed of one’s descent to ground level;
  • Suitable for all ages and physical conditions of evacuees, including physically impaired and unconscious people.

The Chute is a time proven technology and has been in use for well over 25 years with more than 6000 installations around the world.

The Chute comes in three different configurations as shown below.

More information regarding the Chute is available on the following website. :

Multi-Entry Chutes

Multi Entry ChutesMulti Entry Chutes are designed specifically for Medium to High Rise Buildings for immediate and quick access to the Chute in case of any emergencies.

The Evacuees can Enter the Mutli-Entry Chute from every floor of the building and reach the ground safely and quickly.

However a separate Duct or Shaft is required for the Multi-Entry Chute. The Shaft Size for a building upto 10 Floors is 4ft x 4 ft. For taller buildings, however the shaft size required is 4ft x 8ft. Hence it is usually necessary to plan te duct at the time of designing the building.  It is difficult to install a Multi-Entry Chute in an existing building unless there is a vacant Duct or Shaft available in the building.  Please download the details of the shaft size and other requirements from the download link shown here.

Single Entry Chutes

Single Entry Chutes
The Single Entry Chute is a system that has been designed for Individual Offices, Homes or Building which do not have a vacant duct or shaft.  The Single Entry Chute can be installed on any convenient Window, Gallery or Terrace.

This is also an ideal solution for providing an Evacuation System for Existing Buildings where a duct is not available and a Evacuation system is found to be necessary.  The Chute could be installed quite easily on the existing Refuge Floors to provide an Evacuation Path in case of an escalation of the Emergency Situation or for the Evacuation of an Injured, Elderly, Physically Handicapped or Unconscious person.

Mobile Chutes

Mobile Chutes
Mobile Chutes have been designed specifically for Private or Government operated Fire Rescue  Departments.  The Mobile Chute can be fitted on the Aerial Rescue Platforms which are used to evacuate people trapped inside burning buildings.

These platforms have a load bearing capacity of only about 3-4 persons. Hence if a large number of people need to be rescued then the Platform has to be raised and lowered a number of times before everyone can be evacuated.  This is time consuming and could prove to be fatal to people who cannot be evacuated in time.

With the Mobile Chute however, this process can be speeded up to a phenomenal extent. By attaching the Chute on the side of the platform, all persons may be evacuated in a single trip. This is because the evacuees can then be lowered to the ground through the chute without requiring the platform to descend.  The chute also allows the evacuation of the injured, elderly and the unconscious.